Game Server Hosting

Powerful server hosting services on high-end enterprise hardware with quality DDoS protection.
Performance and reliability on a budget is our speciality.

Game Servers

Included with All Game Servers

  • Instant Server Setup
  • Full FTP Access
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Custom Game Panel
  • One Click Mods
  • One Click Plugins
  • Easy Configuration
  • 26 Global Locations
  • Free DDoS Protection

Custom Game Panel

If you're looking for full control over your game hosting experience, a custom game panel can make it all possible. With this powerful yet easy-to-use tool, hosting becomes a breeze. The custom game panel is designed with gamers in mind, making it incredibly user-friendly. You can customize various aspects of your games with just a few clicks, making changes to game versions or installing your favorite Minecraft plugin or mods with ease. With this panel, you'll have everything you need to take your games to the next level.

  • Web Console Web Console
  • File Management File Manager
  • SubUser Sub User Creation
  • Mod Version Changer
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