What's in the newest newest Palworld Update?

Posted on Feb 28, 2024 by Ethan

Palworld new update & patch

What's in the newest Palworld Update, Patch v0.1.5.0 - Keyboard Support, Data Backups, & More

To start, the Palworld Update Patch v0.1.5.0 for Steam and Xbox doesn't bring new game features; it's all about fixing issues and improving performance. It also adds full keyboard support and adjusts some in-game behaviors.

With this update, players can now easily customize their in-game keyboard commands for better flexibility. Additionally, the update allows players to create data backups on the world selection screen, while also reducing unnecessary data collection that used to increase the saved data file size.

In terms of gameplay, players can now go AFK when instructing their Pals to "attack aggressively," making it more convenient, especially for farming items like Honey from defeating Cinnamoth. On the combat side, players attacking friendly NPCs will face a larger Police force. So, be cautious before picking a fight with traveling merchants. Remember, the Pal Police Force won't appear when attacking the Black Marketeer.

Backups of saved data on the world selection screen

Fully supported keyboard key configuration

Adjusted specifications to enable the removal of guild members even when they are not logged in.

Altered the long-press operation for player tasks, allowing continuous work by pressing the work button once (toggleable in the options settings).

Resolved an issue where riding in prohibited hunting areas did not result in a crime.

Enhanced interaction accuracy with adjacent objects.

Modified specifications so that when a Pal is instructed to "attack aggressively," the Pal will attack enemies indiscriminately, even if they are not in combat.

Corrected an issue allowing Pals of rank 1 or higher to be selected as concentrated material (higher-ranked Pals yield more points when concentrated).

Addressed an issue where base Pals would get stuck on top of a logging site, etc.

Implemented measures to prevent base Pals from wandering around and getting stuck at the border of the base area.

Significantly strengthened mining power for Digtoise partner skills.

Renovated the server lobby.

[Search by server name] will now work.

Added the ability to view online players on a dedicated server. (On community servers, this will only be displayed if the setting is enabled.)

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