When Does Minecraft Tricky Trials Update Release?

Posted on June 3, 2024 by Ethan

Minecraft new update timeline

What's in the newest Minecraft Update - New Mobs, Items, & More

The Minecraft Tricky Trials is set to launch on June 13th, 2024. There isn't a specific time / hour, but most of Mojangs previous updates lead us to believe between early morning and noon EST.

Chambers of Trials
Among the notable additions is the introduction of Trial Chambers, substantial dungeon structures set to appear in the overworld between layers -40 and -20. These chambers will host new mobs, items, and blocks, with the standout being the Breeze, a swift cousin of Blaze that shoots air.

The Breeze
The Breeze is a lively entity flaunting not just jealousy-inducing brows, but also a potent projectile attack capable of launching adversaries into the air. This playful presence delights in darting dizzying circles around adventurers and proves elusive to arrow strikes. To overcome this whimsical adversary, one must exhibit nimble footwork and swift swordplay! Stay vigilant for the bogged too, a venomous skeleton equally at home in trial chambers and murky swamps of the Overworld. Adorned in tattered garments and adorned with moss and mushrooms (adorable!), this formidable opponent will utilize all its poisonous abilities to heighten the challenge of your trial. Note to self: Remember to include milk on the trial chamber preparation checklist!

June 13th Release Date

New Dungeon

New Items

New Mobs

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