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Artifacts in Minecraft 1.20

Get ready to uncover the history of Minecraft as archaeology is coming to the game in its latest update, version 1.20! Not only that, but there are plenty of other new features in store for players. Keep an eye out for updates and snapshots, betas, and previews on Minecraft and their social media channels to get a glimpse of what's in store.

If you want to be a Archeologist and start your journey, head to the desert. This is where you will find the special type of sand you need to dig for artifacts. The developers plan to add more dig sites in the future, so make sure to provide feedback and check for updates.

When digging, keep an eye out for the new block, "suspicious sand." Approach this block with caution and use your new tool, the brush, to uncover what is hidden within. You might find pottery shards, other artifacts, or just some random objects.

Pottery shards are especially interesting as they have partial patterns painted on them. Collect four shards to assemble a complete pot with unique patterns and stories. There may even be a secret library filled with such tales waiting to be discovered!

Along the way, you might come across a dusty journal with mysterious strings of numbers. Could it be a secret code, phone numbers, or a seed log? You'll have to find out for yourself! To get started, check out the instructions for how to install the snapshots, betas, and previews for Bedrock or Java on your platform of choice.

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