Archeology in Minecraft 1.20 Update

Minecraft 1.20 Archeology

1.20 Archeology Update

Minecraft players, get ready to delve into the world of archaeology as it is coming to the game in its latest update, version 1.20! This is an exciting development and is sure to bring a new level of adventure and exploration to the game. But that’s not all, as there are plenty of other new features and improvements in store for players as well.

To get started as a Archeologist, players should head to the deserts where they will find the special type of sand they need to dig for artifacts. The developers have indicated that more dig sites will be added in the future, so players should keep an eye out for updates and snapshots, betas, and previews on Minecraft and their social media channels.

While excavating, players will come across a new block called “suspicious sand.” This block requires a bit of caution, so players should approach it with care and use their new tool, the brush, to uncover what is hidden within. They might find pottery shards, other artifacts, or just some random objects.

The pottery shards are particularly interesting as they have partial patterns painted on them. Players can collect four shards and assemble them to form a complete pot with unique patterns and stories. The secret library filled with such tales waiting to be discovered is sure to be a highlight of this new update.

As players continue their adventures, they may come across a dusty journal with mysterious strings of numbers. Could it be a secret code, phone numbers, or a seed log? The possibilities are endless and it will be up to the players to find out. To make the most of this new update, players should check out the instructions for how to install the snapshots, betas, and previews for Bedrock or Java on their platform of choice.

In conclusion, the addition of archaeology to Minecraft in version 1.20 is sure to bring a new level of excitement and exploration to the game. With new features, blocks, and tools to discover, players are sure to have an amazing time uncovering the secrets of the Minecraft world. So get ready to dig, dust, and test out all the new features in snapshots, betas, and previews coming soon!

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