What's in the newest Wolf Minecraft Update?

Posted on March 19, 2024 by Ethan

Minecraft new update for dogs

What's in the newest Minecraft Update, Wolf & Dog Patch - Armor, new features, designs and more.

While the Overworld offers a plethora of species to uncover, wolves / dogs have traditionally been confined to single variant types. For instance, ocelots are typically characterized by their spotted coats, while wolves predominantly sport white-colored appearances. However, Minecraft's dog update shakes up this conventional pattern by introducing eight variations, and we're here to delve into its fresh features.

Every new wolf variant can be found across Minecraft's diverse biomes, ranging from the Badlands and Forest to snowy environments. The classic white-colored wolf, renamed "the pale wolf," still roams the Taiga regions. However, if you seek a particular type, you'll need to journey to its respective habitat. These features are exclusively accessible in Minecraft Beta, Preview, or Snapshot versions.

Obtaining certain wolf variants may pose more of a challenge, especially with the Black Wolf's night camouflage. It's advisable to venture out during daylight for clearer visibility and to avoid encounters with hostile mobs. Additionally, snowy biomes feature Powder Snow, which functions like quicksand, so staying aware of your surroundings is crucial. Don't forget to bring along some bones to befriend these creatures.
With the Minecraft dog update, wolf breeding has undergone changes, resulting in the emergence of new variants beyond the standard white-colored puppies. Depending on the breeds used for reproduction, it's possible to unlock one of these new variations.
Version 1.21 introduces wolf armor, akin to horse armor, for added protection. Equipping this armor boosts the animals' health from the standard 20 hearts to 40, significantly extending their lifespan. Moreover, armor can now be repaired over time using Armadillo scutes without the need to remove it.
To experience the new features of Minecraft's dog update, players can try out a Snapshot Server!

Rusty Wolf – Jungle biome

Spotted Wolf – Savanna biome

Black Wolf – Old Growth Pine Taiga

Striped Wolf – Badlands

Snowy Wolf – Grove biome

Ashen Wolf – Snowy Taiga

Woods Wolf – Forest biome

Chestnut Wolf – Old Growth Spruce Taiga

Addressed an issue where base Pals would get stuck on top of a logging site, etc.

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