[Tutoriel] How to activate txAdmin Print

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  • Step 1: Click on "Enable" button on the panel console page in order to activate txAdmin.

  • Step 2: Click on your txAdmin link, check the picture: 

    txAdmin Info
  • Step 3: Whenever you are on your txAdmin page, you will need the PIN code:

    Account Linked
  • Step 4: Click "CONTINUE" to authorize txAdmin to use your cfx.re account information for your txAdmin panel.

    Authorize txAdmin
  • Step 5: Choose a “backup” password (You will be able to log in using this password if the connection with the cfx.re auth provider fails.)

  • Step 6: Choose your server name instead of “change-me”.

  • Step 7: Choose “Popular Receipes”. 

  • Step 8: Select your preferred template


    * Step 9: After that you need just to click on "Save"

  • Step 10: For the rest of the steps click on "Next"

  • Step 11: After getting to this step, you need to enter your FiveM licence key:

  • Step 12: Right now we need to enter our Database details, click on "Show/Hide Database options":


  • Step 13: We need first to create a Databse from our game panel from 'Databases' Tab.

    You need to click on " New Databse" & enter a name for your database & keep the second field empty or enter "%"

    image   image

  • Step 14: We click now on the "eye icon" in order to see our database full details:


  • Step 15: Right now we have to enter these details back to our txAdmin:

    image image

    Database Host: mysql.gravelhost.com
    Database Username: we copy "USERNAME" field content
    Database Password: We copy "PASSWORD" field content

    And for the Database name, we should go back to "Databases" tab & copy it:


  • Step 16: We click finally on "Run Recipe".

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