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How to Download and Play FiveM

FiveM is a mod for the popular open-world game Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to play on custom servers with custom game modes and experiences. In this guide, we will show you how to download and play FiveM.

Step 1: Buy Grand Theft Auto V

If you haven't already, buy and install Grand Theft Auto V on your computer. You can purchase the game on various platforms, such as Steam, Epic Games Store, and Rockstar Games Launcher.

Step 2: Download FiveM

Download the latest version of FiveM from the official website. You can choose between the "Manual" or "Automatic" installation options. The manual option allows you to download and install the files manually, while the automatic option downloads and installs the files automatically.

Step 3: Install FiveM

If you chose the manual option, extract the downloaded files to a folder on your computer. If you chose the automatic option, the installer will automatically extract the files to the default location.

Step 4: Launch FiveM

To launch FiveM, double-click on the "FiveM.exe" file in the FiveM folder. This will open the FiveM launcher.

Step 5: Connect to a Server

To connect to a FiveM server, click on the "Servers" button in the launcher. This will open the server browser, where you can search for servers or browse through the list of available servers.

Step 6: Join a Server

Once you have found a server you want to join, click on the "Connect" button next to the server's name. This will connect you to the server and launch the game.

Step 7: Play FiveM

Once you have joined a server, you can play FiveM like you would play Grand Theft Auto V. FiveM allows for custom game modes and experiences, so make sure to read the server's rules and guidelines before playing.

Congratulations! You have now downloaded and are playing FiveM. Have fun exploring the custom game modes and experiences that FiveM has to offer!


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