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Change Multiplayer Server Icon

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game that allows players to create and explore worlds filled with block-based structures and creatures. One of the most exciting features of Minecraft is its ability to host multiplayer servers, where players can join together and play together. One way to make your Minecraft server stand out is by changing its multiplayer server icon. Here's how to change the multiplayer server icon for Minecraft servers.

Step 1: Choose an image

The first step in changing the multiplayer server icon for your Minecraft server is to choose an image. The image you choose will be displayed in the multiplayer server list when players browse for servers to join. The image can be any size, but it must be in the PNG format. The image should also be clear and recognizable, as it will be displayed in a small size in the server list.

Step 2: Rename the image

Once you have chosen an image, you will need to rename it to "server-icon.png". The file name must be exact, including capitalization and the file extension. You can rename the image using any file manager or image editor that supports renaming files.

Step 3: Upload the image

The next step is to upload the image to your Minecraft server. To do this, you will need to access your server's files. You can do this using a file manager or FTP client if you are hosting the server yourself, or through a control panel if you are using our hosting service.

Once you have access to your server's files, upload the file to the main server files page. That's it restart your server for it to take effect!

Setting It Manually

Step 1: Locating File

Inside your server's files, located the "" file. Click on that to edit and locate the line that reads "server-icon=".

After locating the "server-icon=" line, set the value to the path of your server icon image. For example, if your image is located in the root directory of your server, the value would be "server-icon.png". If your image is located in a different directory, you will need to specify the full path.

Step 2: Save changes

Once you have set the image path, save the "" file and exit the text editor. If you're using a control panel or file manager to edit the file, be sure to save the changes before exiting.

Step 3: Restart the server

Finally, restart your Minecraft server to apply the changes. The new multiplayer server icon should now be displayed in the server list when players browse for servers to join.

In conclusion, changing the multiplayer server icon for Minecraft servers is a simple process that can make your server stand out in a crowded multiplayer landscape. By following these steps, you can upload your own custom image and set it as your server icon. Be sure to choose a recognizable and clear image, as it will be displayed in a small size in the server list.


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