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How to install a world folder for Minecraft Servers

If you're hosting a Minecraft server with Gravel Host, you may want to upload a custom world file to use on your server. Fortunately, it's easy to do this using the Gravel Host game panel and FTP client. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Prepare the custom world file

Before you can upload a custom world file to your server, you need to make sure it is in the correct format. Minecraft worlds are stored as ZIP archives, so you'll need to compress your world files into a ZIP folder before uploading it. Make sure to include all necessary files, including the "level.dat" and "region" folder.

Step 2: Access the FTP client

Log in to your Gravel Host game panel, and click on the "Files" tab. Then, click the "FTP File Access" button. This will take you to the FTP client where you can upload your custom world file.

Step 3: Upload the custom world file

In the FTP client, navigate to the "worlds" folder in your server's file directory. This is where your Minecraft server stores all of its world files. If you want to upload the custom world file as a new world, create a new folder in the "worlds" directory with a unique name.

To upload the ZIP file, simply drag and drop the file from your computer to the appropriate folder in the FTP client. You should see a progress bar indicating the upload progress. Once the file has finished uploading, you can close the FTP client.

Step 4: Configure the server to use the custom world

Log back in to your Gravel Host game panel, and click on the "Settings" tab. Under the "Server Properties" section, you will find a setting called "level-name". This setting determines which world your server uses. Change the value of this setting to the name of the folder where you uploaded your custom world file. If you uploaded your world as a new world, use the name of the folder you created in the "worlds" directory.

Step 5: Start the server

Once you have configured the server to use the custom world, start the server. Your custom world should now be available for players to join.


Uploading a custom world file to your Minecraft server hosted on Gravel Host is a simple process that can enhance the gameplay experience for you and your players. By following these steps, you can easily upload a custom world file to your server and start exploring new worlds with your friends.


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